1. Drill 1.1 // The Money Memoir, Part 1

    2. Drill 1.2 // The Money Memoir, Part 2

    1. Drill 2.1 // The Money Tree

    1. Drill 3.1 // The Break In The Bond

    2. Drill 3.2 // The Money Mirror

    3. Drill 3.3 // The 4 R's

    4. Visualization & Healing Exercises

    1. Drill 4.1 // The Golden Ticket

    2. Drill 4.2 // Finding Alignment

    3. Drill 4.3 // Anchors + Resets

    4. Drill 4.4 // The Matrix Map

    1. Moving Forward

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The Mindshift Sketchbook

Your companion guide to The Mindshift Method Blueprint. It's designed to help you sketch out your thoughts, recollections, and intentions as they relate to your relationship with money.

The Mindshift Sketchbook


What Founders are saying...

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have so much to learn!!! I really like your step by step approach. My husband and I have been married for almost 34 years… and ya know… we’ve realized we’re poor money communicators. This course has been a serious eye-opener for me. For a number of years I believed my husband was the “bread winner”, so who was I to question how “this” all worked. I guess I’ve completely trusted my husband. Tonight, when he gets home, I’m going to start asking the questions … where are our accounts held… where’s our money invested… what’s your pension valued at, etc. I’ve been way too naïve for way too long. This will be such an emotional journey for me, but oh such a good one! I thank you. I cherish the work you do for others. ”

Sherri H, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

“I’ve paid down $17,000 in debt since I started working with you. ”

Heather S, Calgary, Alberta

“You’ll never guess… they made me an offer. It’s good! ;) ;) ”

Lorie W, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Yesterday I was telling my parents about some of the stuff we’ve been talking about and doing this week. As we were conversing about the family history, we got talking about my mother’s mother (my maternal grandmother), Nan. She’s the one that divorced when my Mom was about 8 years old and away at boarding school.  She also lost her “nursing home” to her partner that stole all the money and ran. I need to work through this one! Thank you for this journey Taunya…it’s been so much more than I was expecting!! ”

Nola H, Toronto, Ontario

“The information provided in the Bootcamps will change the course of your life for the better. The platform and delivery is very accessible and user friendly, the presenter is incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating and the tools you receive are mind blowingly great. The Bootcamps provide instantly actionable information that will yield immediate dividends in the mastery of your personal and business financial situation.”

Shirley D

“This bootcamp was incredible. It touched on money and how the brain works along with the life long impact our thoughts can have on us and future generations. I definitely recommend taking this course.”

Jordon E

Meet Your Coach

Taunya Woods Richardson


​Taunya Woods Richardson is a serial entrepreneur, financial strategist, and neuroeconomics expert who is applauded for her innovative and refreshingly pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among entrepreneurs. On stage, she’s a riveting, genuine, and unforgettable speaker, engaging audiences with a wide range of science-backed financial insights that offer a life-changing impact. ​She's the creator and architect of the Cashflow Canvas and Money Mastery Matrix, and the founder and CEO of three fintech ventures, Epifany Financial Group, Nail the Numbers, and Champs of Change. Her 30+ years immersed in entrepreneurial finance has led her to work with federal banks, credit unions, NGOs, and universities to financially embolden thousands of entrepreneurs across North America. Her insights and expertise on the topic have been featured in numerous media outlets including the National Post, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Profit, CBC, CTV, and Global Television.